Simon WestSimon West is a self-confessed eco-geek, a passionate advocate for sustainable living and a lover of life, slow, science and fantasy fiction. He was born in Solihull in 1960 and has been hard wired to computers for most of his working life.

Having shouldered immense technical responsibility and coded some rather clever bits of software, he ditched the stress and now embraces a downshifted lifestyle in Lyme Regis with his wife, fellow author, Tracey West.

His love of creativity, books and technical things is fully expressed as founder of Magic Oxygen Publishing and Swan Developments eco-friendly website development company. He maintains the importance of getting a good work/life balance by enjoying a short commute down the stairs to his home office and making some of his best decisions by the sea with coffee and a butterscotch Yum Yum.

He has recently re-kindled a passion for amateur dramatics and can be seen occasionally treading the boards with the Lyme Regis Dramatic Society.

His debut novel, Anvarin embodies several of his absolute passions and is due for publication in early 2014.